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Puravai Emergency Water Storage

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Emergency Water storage packaged in reusable, bacteria free bottles. Pack of 6 -1 liter bottles. 20 year shelf life. Bottle is reusable.

No other packaged emergency storage can compare to Puravai. Aluminum cans can leak over time, steel cans can rust, and other packaging can puncture, tear, or crush, but our thick BPA Free HDPE bottles are built to last for decades.

The Toughest Water in the Storage Market!

Built to Last for Decades!

No other packaged emergency storage can compare to Puravai. Aluminum cans can leak over time, steel cans can rust, and other packaging can puncture, tear, or crush, but our thick BPA Free HDPE bottles are built to last for decades.

Because we are bacteria free and our bottles don't allow for bacteria to re-enter the water while in storage, we offer a 20-year warrantee guarantee that your Puravai water will remain pure and secure.   Each bottle is date and time stamped to help you keep track of when you bought it.

 Here are a few highlights: 

•                  Triple Sealed: Our bottles have 3 levels of protection, an induction seal, a click tight lid, and a shrink wrapping over the lid to make sure your water hasn't been tampered with.  We work to adhere to the high standards the government and military would expect. 

•                  High Density Bottles: Our bottles are super thick!! They're built for the unpredictability of emergency situations. You can drop, scrape, or bump them, and your water stays protected. 

•                  Floats: Even filled to the brim, our bottles are made to float in any water.  You never have to worry about floods or dropping your water off the side of a boat. 

•                  No Rotting/Rusting: Because we use high density HDPE bottles, you don't have to worry about mildew, mold, or rust forming and ruining your water supply. 

•                  Aluminum Free

•                  Waterproof: Because our bottle don't rust, your water is protected against something as simple as broken pipes or even humidity in the air. 

•                  Reusable: Puravai is made of the same material as U.S. military canteens and we added a lid that can be screwed on and off.  So, you can drink portions of your water and close up the bottle throughout the day as well as refill your bottle again and again if needed.

•                  100% Recyclable:  Our HDPE #2 bottles are able to be recycled completely. Instead of overwhelming landfills, our bottles can get repurposed continuously. 

•                  FDA Approved 

•                  Safe: HDPE is one of the safest plastics and is FDA approved for potable water. Because of its high density nature, you don’t have the plastic chemicals leaching into the water like you would from a cheap plastic. That’s why HDPE is used for long-term water-storage tanks, such as those 55-gallon storage drums we’re familiar with.

But how does it taste?

How does it taste? Like water of course!  We have a pure, clean taste.  Yet, just like any water that sits on a shelf for several years, the dissolved oxygen in the water might separate out. If that does happen, just empty a little water out of the bottle and shake the remaining water in the bottle vigorously for a minute to reintroduce oxygen back into the water, and the water should then taste more fresh.

How much should I get?

The rule for emergency water storage is to have at least 2 gallons per day, per person, and never go under 1 gallon per day, per person. That’s to make sure you have enough water for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, sanitation, and first aid. When it comes to drinking water though, you should have at least 32 ounces of water per day, per person. That’s why Puravai Emergency Drinking Water contains at least 32 ounces of life-sustaining water inside each bottle.   

Get yours in a pack of 6 -1 liter bottles.

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