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  • Instant flexible dam controls & diverts fluid
  • 2in x 2in square shape seals to surfaces
  • 4ft length provides continuous protection
  • Ships & stores in hi-vis Fluid Control tubing
  • Use to wrap, contain & divert fluids
  • Protect entryways and redirect flow
  • Polyurethane material is chemical resistant
  • Use with water, oil, chemicals, & more
  • Deploy, rinse, store & reuse as needed

Instant Fluid Control

  • Instant flexible dam controls & diverts fluid
  • Deploy, rinse, store & reuse as needed
  • Polyurethane material is chemical resistant
  • Block entryways to redirect flow
  • Use with water, oil, chemicals & more
  • Includes storage container with carrying strap


1. Clean surface where you will place the Dam to ensure a tight seal (Debris can reduce the quality of the seal, a smooth surface is best)

2. Lay in position to control & divert fluids

3. When finished, wash Insta-Dam with soapy using warm water

4. Dry with a clean towel, cloth or wiper before storing

5. Wrap & store Insta-Dam in its original plastic wrap & slide into supplied storage tube. Keep in horizontal position and out of direct sunlight


• Insta-Dam should always be wrapped & stored away in the plastic wrap, do NOT throw this away

• Regularly inspect to ensure Insta-Dam is in good condition

• Do not let Insta-Dam touch itself for long periods of time, as it may get stuck together & could cause damage during separation

• Long term exposure to incompatible liquids could cause deterioration & reduce its life

• Leaving Insta-Dam on a surface for a long period of time, could cause it to stick to the surface. This could cause damage when trying to remove

• Lift slowly & look for sticking & stretching. If that occurs, use a putty knife to help loosen Insta-Dam from surface & prevent damage to product


• Always keep product wrapped in original plastic wrap to avoid it sticking to itself & other objects

• Do not hang the product by one end or drape it over an object, store flat

• Store the product in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight


• The flexibility & sealing functions diminish at temperatures below -30°F

• Temperatures above 120°F (49°C)

• Prolonged exposure to excessive (80–100%) humidity

• Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

Disclaimers: Urethane Notice

Due to the nature of soft urethane, the physical properties may change over time with exposure to certain environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, & UV radiation. Typical life expectancy is 5 years.

Inspect Insta-Dam regularly be sure it is still in good condition.

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