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Microchip Book

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Microchip is an epic saga set in the very near future. It's a timely, up to date chronicle filled with action, adventure, intrigue, romance, science, politics and peril. 

The Must Read Book Of The Decade!

In the not too distant future, the world's economy has completely collapsed. 
The new one world government has plans to usher in a new era of peace and economic security with one slight hitch; everyone is now required to take a bio-chip inserted into the lower right quadrant of their palm. 
This replaces the old and outdated banking and currency systems throughout the globe.
Everyone is now required to take the microchip or suffer the consequences. Tens of thousands flee to find a safe haven where they can live in harmony without being micro-chipped.
Soon order is restored from chaos and all is well in the world. 

Or isn't it?

Is this data transmitter more than it seems? 

Is there more than just a financial agenda behind the frightening technology that lurks deep within the bio-chip?